12 Nikola Tesla Inventions and 5 Big Lessons Learned


1. The Tesla Coil

2. The Magnifying Transmitter

3. The Tesla Turbine

4. The Shadowgraph

5. The Radio

6. The Neon Lamp

7. The Niagara Falls Transformer House

8. The Induction Motor

9. The Radio Controlled Boat

10. Alternating Current

11. Earthquake Machine

12. Wireless Energy

5 Big Lessons Learned from Nikola Tesla

Lesson 1: Be fearless (and humble).

Lesson 2: Trust that persistence pays off.

Lesson 3: Embrace your you-ness.

Lesson 4: Learn to love your own company.

Lesson 5: Surround yourself with interesting people.

Have a great life . . .




Futurist | Grow Business Faster

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Houman Asefi

Houman Asefi

Futurist | Grow Business Faster

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