AI Reviewed LinkedIn Profile of 9 Best Sales Thought Leaders in the World and Here is the Results

LinkedIn is one of the most important tools when it comes to networking at B2B level. No matter if you want to connect with new people in your industry, or learn more about the latest trends and hot topics, LinkedIn is by far the best tool ever.

As you may know, I am a big fan of LinkedIn and I am using it a lot on a daily basis to connect with more people in my industry and find out more about what is going on in the world.

By having more than 11,000 connections, I am trying to learn more on how to use LinkedIn more effectively and how to build my personal brand as well.

This is a learning curve as there was times that my status updates and my profile, was getting little attraction, and on contrast, some of my content was getting lot of engagements as well. So, this was not consistent as you may guessed.

So, as the result, I try to come up with strategies that increase my profile visibility in my space, and also I can engage more people when it comes to sharing content.

One of the key strategies obviously, is to model people that are already crushing it. Just to make it clear, I am not copying anybody. But to see what others are doing well and learn.

For this, I went through the profile of top 9 sales leaders on the planet and reviewed their LinkedIn profiles. Plus, to make sure that I am not leaving anything behind, I used this tool which based on what it’s founders claim, is an artificial intelligence tool that can optimize your CV and LinkedIn profile against best practices.

Without any more comments, let’s jump on the analysis.

1. Houman Asefi

It will be ironic if I am listing top 9 sales thought leaders on the planet and not including myself. Then I should ask myself where is the self confidence?!

Anyway, my point here to put my profile out there to review by AI robot and explore the areas of improvement.

Here is the result:

1. Houman Asefi

Based on the analysis, I am nailing it when it comes to headline. Right length and words with no fuzzy unclear statements and cliches. My profile summary needs lot of improvements. I need to think of more keywords that is been used in my industry and things that I am “looking for” when it comes to communicating with my targeted stakeholders. Adding call to action and explain in more details what I am doing and the projects that I am working on.

From Experience perspective, I am doing fine as I already included all my previous roles and volunteering experience as well.

Other than that it seems that there is not much room to improve. So, all good and moving on.

2. Jeffery Gitmoer

You cannot create a list of best sales influencers in the world and not to think of King of Sales.

Come’on Jeff, you are way better than this. AI claims that Jeffery’s headline is too short and does not have the right keywords so recruiters can find him! I guess one of the points about this tool is that you are not only targeting recruiters to find you. There are heaps of other things that you can do with your LinkedIn profile such as branding.

Let’s not forget that you are not optimizing for recruiters, you should always consider your targeted personas and people that you are going to help as well. Sometime, people are not looking for yet another salesperson, they may look for an expert in a field.

Jeffery Gitomer summary is good. Except there are some special characters which the tool does not like. To be honest, I can tolerate few special characters on LinkedIn profile, but definitely not the headline.

Other than that, King of Sales is doing very well and I am a big fan!

3. Jordan Belfort

It does not matter if you love the wolf or hate him. He is one of the best sales guns on the planet. He already proved it and this is not the argument. He is not trying to fix everything he has done in the past and is honest enough to admit all his past mistakes. He is on a mission to create next generation of high performers and crushing it.

JB’s headline is perfect. No room for discussion when it comes t o length and using of relevant keywords. JB’s summary and story need improvement. Although the length of the summary is Ok, the tool needs to be upgraded to paid version so we can uncover areas of improvement. To me personally, you can go through Jordan’s story in this summary which is good enough.

In terms of experience, Jordan has not listed all his past experiences and his career starts from 2007. Well, I am Ok with that as well since we all know the story and perhaps watched the movie.

Let’s move on . . .

4. Jeb Blount

I think you all know and ready Sales Gravy blog. Plus, who can ignore Sales EQ and Fanatical Prospecting books. They are simply world class. Sure enough, when it comes to LinkedIn, Jeb is crushing it as well.

Headline is great in terms of length and keywords. Except the length of summary which can be longer and contains more keywords, I guess there is not much Jeb can do to make it great. It already is!

5. Mike Weinberg

I like Mike’s work because it is simple. Period. He already inject simplicity into his books and the way he talks about sales and sales management. I absolutely recommend you to read both New Sales Simplified and Sales Management Simplified to get a better understanding on how to improve.

Moving on to LinkedIn analysis, Mike is a super star. I guess the only improvement is that to add his best sellers books to publication section. Because the tool does not know that Mike is a Author of three #1 Amazon best sellers. I guess this is something on the AI tool to improve.

6. Tony J. Hughes

Coming back to our beloved Australia, Tony has done a great job going out there and create content that help all of us to get better understanding on how to improve.

Again apart from having a relatively short summary, Tony is killing it! Thanks Tony for your great work.

7. Wayne Moloney

Let’s not move anywhere while we are in Australia. Wayne is one of the great sales coaches in the world. He works with you with very great level of attention to details and making sure you get what you want. His mojo is to get the basics right first which a lot of salespeople need to get right.

When it comes to his Linkedin profile, his summary is very short. Again, this what AI tool is proposing. However, if you can articulate your story as quickly as possible, you are in good hands.

8. Brian Tracy

You cannot talk about sales and ignore Brian. One of the greatest influencers that cover many aspects of sales, from productivity to objection handling and closing.

Brian profile is scoring very well and there is a lot to learn. His headline is to the point, but if it was me, I was working on a headline that does not include my company name. As Brian always says: sales is not about yourself, it is all about other people.

The tool mentioned that Brian’s job title is vague. I am not sure if being “CEO” is a vague job!!

9. Grant Cardone

Hello Uncle GC! Many believe that Cardone is a genius marketing. However, when I read his books, The 10X Rule, or Sell or to be Sold, I just want to start calling people and sell!

He has massive energy and can transfer that energy to others. He simply level up your state. He has a unique selling technique which works for him all these years.

In terms of LinkedIn and even other social media, he is one of a kind. So not much to improve. I guess less emails will be better.

The results are promising. The way that these people are sharing their story and how they reached where they are is reflected on their Linkedin profiles and as the result, they are creating great content to share their success as well.

About Author:

Houman Asefi is technology sales strategist, award finalist blogger and startup advisor, focusing on building and scaling sales organization and making sure companies achieve their targeted revenue.

Contact Info: Houman Asefi

Phone Number: +61 452 219 022



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