Channel Sales Management; 5 Reasons Your Channel Sales Strategy Is Not Working

Building a strong B2B sales channel business has a set of challenges which starts with acquiring the right partners.

What a healthy sales channel looks like

A healthy sales channel is proactive and engage a lot on pipeline opportunity. They are keen to understand how vendor is able to help them and challenge vendor and it’s distributor on coming with new ideas on how to drive growth and how to expand the sales. They are highly trained with sales, pre sales and services certifications and have full confident on the products and services. They have a strong marketing team to execute on ideas and tools that the vendor is already provide for them to build a strong brand.

The right partner

This is by far one of the most important terms I head in this industry. Everybody is asking themselves: Do I have the right partner? Is this partner the right partner? How the right partner will look like and how do I know, if this partner will or will not be my right partner?

Partner training

Everybody love great training programs and everybody knows how important it is for partners success. However, still we see training blueprints that are out of date and/or poor quality in terms of graphics, resources etc.

Channel infrastructure

These are normally the tools that channel partners can use to get specialized services from vendors. Services such as online training, marketing materials, deal registration, partner performance in terms of sales, number of people who are trained, events, product info sheets, competition analysis and other necessary materials to ease the sales process.

Products and support

I cannot stress more that having great product and service support is very important to the success of the channel partners. If there are issues with specific scenarios that the product cannot fit or there are limitations, these needs to be communicated properly and clearly with partners. Nothing is worst than positioning a product to fit all the situations and use cases, but it actually is not!

Marketing and branding

Partners are looking for vendors that can help them grow their business and acquire new customers and logos. This simply means the branding and marketing activities should be focused and invested in these areas. This means vendors should have a solid understanding on how the partner business works and what are the triggers that are important for partners. Vendors should have a strong understanding of partner existing customers and jointly plan to achieve growth with marketing and branding activities.



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