Five Things a Social Entrepreneur Wish they Knew Before Getting To Work

Are you a problem solver?

Successful social ventures are driven by a vision that brings together the resources and mechanics for a successful business and purposefully solves global problems with creative solutions.

Problems vs. opportunities

Chanel Visionary Karl Lagerfeld once said: “Never forget — your only limitation is your imagination.”

Build a community

Fabrique is a start-up that uses social media to connect people who want to invest in companies with the ventures they wish to back. Fabrique has been cited by Y Combinator and the major players in social media. Forbes Magazine listed Fabrique at number 1 in its list of finance start-ups. It’s all possible because of you our community, we have a legion of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and on our forum.

Be humble

There’s something special about social entrepreneurship.

Value money

The nature of a business is to create revenue and profits, but the definition of social entrepreneurship goes further than that.


There have never been as many options for companies seeking to raise debt or equity capital.



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