Go-to-Market Strategy Principles for First Time Founders in SaaS & B2B Software Industry

It is how to market the product.

In other words, getting a comprehensive go-to-market strategy is coming way before your product development and MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

  1. The idea will be proven right.
  2. Initial attraction will pave way for future expansion into the next milestone to get the first 50 customers.
  3. Ideally you can get up to 10 customer testimonial and case studies which will boost your marketing and customer acquisition.
  4. You can start thought leadership content based on the issues your first 10 customers are raising. It is no longer about your product, it is about your customers.
  5. You can get referrals from your existing customer based.
  6. You can interview your customers and publish the content, going into the market more aggressively.
  7. Even if the first 10 customers are using your product for free, you are on your way to start billing your next wave of customers and generate revenue.

What is go-to-market strategy?

In simple words, the answer to this question is equal to asking yourself: How I get customers?

Buyer persona

The first question you need to answer, is in a software B2B space, who is the ideal customer from buyer persona perspective?

Marketing channels

Now that you know who are your customers, where they are and what is their language (based on their industry), you can start thinking about how to reach them and how to deliver your message.


If your product needs to be presented and also there are hand holding and education involved, you need to think about sales.

Channel partners and distribution

Let’s face it.

Building community

This is one of the strongest forms of marketing. But also the hardest.

Influencer marketing




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