SaaS 10x Strategy: Business Development Plan Post Pandemic

Re-evaluate your value proposition

This does not mean after each crisis you should change everything about your SaaS business. However, your message and tone of voice should reflect the reality of the society and what is happening in the world. Of course, during this pandemic, you cannot have a loud pushy message. The message should be something around hope and positivity. Now the good thing about value proposition, is that it can be universal. So, this means you can rely on that for about 3 years and then you can think of changing it.

Think global

This seems like a no brainer. However, I have seen SaaS platforms that are struggling to service clients outside of the USA. Everything is organized around the US time zone and the comfort of North Americans. Despite the fact that the business has customers in Europe and APAC, but normally those regions are excluded from the change management process.

Build data assets

Do not just rely on your internal data sets. There are tons of data sets outside of the business that can be leveraged to start looking at patterns. You also can think of becoming a thought leadership content and even share all those insights with your audience.

Integrate growth hack into your business

Growth hack can be a massive discussion when it comes to SaaS strategy. This topic can be the subject of a series of blog posts or even a book. In the future I will put more focus on growth hack tactics on how to drive organic growth leveraging external and internal forces. However, for the sake of this blog post, you can think of hiring a growth hack consultant to help you identify new markets or unidentified oceans that can be monetized.

Build 10x features into your product

Every SaaS vendor has specific 10x features as a killer value proposition that can help them close more deals. There will be specific things that you do better than the competition. In general, your competition will copy you eventually. However, it is a matter of time and resource. By the time that your competition copy you, you already got a market share and a strong relationship with your clients. So, it will be very hard and harder for competition to beat you.



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