Sales Strategy Framework to Win Net New Business for Startups

Technology startups that are seeking strong sales channel partner in B2B environment must have a strong strategy to win net new business.

Start with the benefits

Give your partners compelling reasons why they need to engage. Bring clear Return On Investment (ROI) statistics and numbers on what it means for end users and partners to use your products and services. These are normally the key business metrics which organizations are already tracking and ideally improving.


Training will be very important and key initiative for partners to deliver the results. This is a combination of on demand online and in-person training. This is sales, pre sales, technical, services, and post sales services in dept training which cover all aspects of the solution. Certification tracks and special discounts will help get everybody certified as well.


Nothing beats incentives for partner salesforce. Financial incentives drives activity and gives sales yet another reason to do what needs to be done. Having multi levels of incentives to lock discovery meetings, presentations, demos, proof of concepts and closing deals can encourage sales people to drive growth very quick.

Marketing campaigns and tools

Be responsible. Create all the marketing documents and tools so your partner spend no time on admin and basic tasks.

Conversation tools

Provide all the demo and trials, hands on experience workshops at partner finger tip. These can be used for net new customer and existing customers for upsell and cross sell opportunity as ultimate sales gun in your arsenal to get peoples hand dirty with product training and exposure. Plus, if implemented close to customer production environment, can give customers insight on what is going on in their environment and see tangible results.

Call out days

Provide call out days and mix of scenarios for partner sales team to run their own show. Give them a mix of scripts so they can run events and campagines without your direct involvement. Get them excited to sell your product and services.

Raise awareness

Always communicate with your partners on what is coming. Even if it is winter!



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