The Ultimate Guide to B2B Prospecting

Great sales results comes after great prospecting.

1. Fear of rejection

This is ironic because salespeople are known to be resilient when it comes to handling rejection. However, in each profession, we have high achievers and low achievers and of course mediocre. This group of people could not still handle the rejection as they are maybe in account management roles and deal with existing known people for a while and they cannot imagine themselves going through the process of reaching out to strangers and get rejected. In some other cases, they are coming from technical background or are pre sales engineers and still have their tech engineering mindset which cold call is not my thing. I do not cold call as it is below my level.

2. Lack of focus

Salespeople may do prospecting but it is all over the place and it is not a focused activity. If you do not have a solid planned strategy on who to call and what to say, your prospecting activity will lead to nothing and you may think by mistake that cold call is dead.

3. What to say

Lot of sales leaders offload this task to inside sales team or even 3rd party agency to contact leads and qualify them. I personally have nothing against outsourcing when it comes to simple repetitive tasks. However, prospecting is a high value activity and is not something you can outsource unless we are talking about millions of leads.

4. Lack of confidence

believe it or not, many salespeople are suffering lack of confidence. Yes, I said it. I saw lot of salesmen and saleswomen that are not confidant enough to make a cold phone call and introduce themselves to a person who they are sure that are qualified.

The ultimate guide

Now that we know what may prevent a salesperson from prospecting, lets investigate what is the best way to approach this task.



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